August 24, 2015

Your Child's Learning Style and more...

Tools to determine your child's learning styles and more.....

The image above comes from link #3.
  1. Learning Styles in Young Children – This article will help you to diagnose your preschooler’s learning style.
  2. Teaching Style and Learning Style – These quizzes allow you to determine your individual teaching and learning styles.
  3. Multiple Intelligences Test – This is like a magazine quiz. You answer 40 questions, and it tells you where your strengths are. This would be great for older kids to do for themselves.
  4. Myers-Briggs Personality Test – This is the old standard psychological personality test that you might remember from your own adolescence. You remember, INFP and ESTJ and so on? You can find detailed explanations of each of the 16 types here.
  5. Personality Type and Learning Style – I loved this article because it’s written in plain English, specifically for homeschoolers. It talks about how to teach each type of personality (introvert and extrovert, sensing and intuitive, thinking and feeling, judging and perceiving).
  6. Determining Myers-Briggs Score Without a Test – This is a really good article that will help you to determine a Myers-Briggs score for your young child who is too little for taking a test herself.

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